Giving Thanks for Endless Love

Upon entering the Texas Episcopal Service Corps I knew what was expected of me; I was to work 40 hours a week, serve a community, share the love of the Lord, and grow in my faith. Due to personal circumstances I have found that my expectations of this year: to serve a community and share the love of the Lord are the complete opposite from what has been occurring in my life. I have grown tremendously as a person in society and as a Christian, but not because I have helped others, rather because others have helped me, loved me, and shown me endless compassion and empathy. I have realized that me being in Houston and apart of this service corps, was not so that others would benefit from my love but more so, so that I would benefit from theirs. And in this, I can extend the love I have been shown to others whom are desperately in need of that love, just as I recently have been. For this I am grateful beyond words.

Going forward I don’t want to forget the work the Lord has done in me. I find that in times of joy I tend stray away from my faith and think I can stand on my one. I desperately call to the Lord in my greatest times of need. If I have learned nothing else in the past few months, it is that I must glorify the Lord at all times; He is there for sorrow and joy and everything in between. That being said, this holiday season I will take the time each day to mediate on the Lords word and not forget him in the time of joy but remember that only in him can I find true joy.

Christiana, Avenue CDC.

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