A toast to the future, A farewell to the past, thanks to the now.

This is currently my third term of dedicating my life to a year of service. I chose TX-ESC with the intention of building relationships with others on the same spiritual path as me and being involved in a community where I am allowed the open space to express myself as I am, free of judgement. In hindsight, the previous two years that I served I was in a constant struggle trying to find exactly what it is I’m good at and want to pursue (which I still am), I had not taken advantage of the resources available to me but now with the guidance and support from fellow ESC members and my second family here in Austin I’ve been able to gain large strides towards that enlightenment.

I’ve been privileged to be chosen to advocate for something so special, genuine and unique; I hope to be able to explain the opportunity available through ESC to others around me but the experience I’ve had so far cannot be justified by words, only felt by the heart. What makes this opportunity so special is that it teaches you to be grateful for what you already have and for not just being alive but also feeling alive. Big shout out to my director Christy Martin for helping me realize my potential and strengths I already possess. It’s important to always know that we are surrounded by those willing to lend a helping hand.

Chris, H.A.N.D in Austin

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