What Does Happiness Mean to You?

It’s a hard question to answer. I struggle with finding the answer every day. Being in the Episcopal Service Corps, I have met many different people who have walked many paths in life. While being in service to these people I have asked them this question and the answers varied widely: Self satisfaction, being with your friends, having no worries, living an average life. These are just some of the answers I received. In my struggle to find my own answer I asked others, hoping to get inspiration. While I didn’t find what happiness meant to me, I may have found something far better. I found the courage to choose my own path.

In the two years prior to my acceptance to the ESC, I was enrolled in community college. I did not do well, and I did not want to be there. I was going because it was what I thought I should be doing. But after 5 months of my service, these people who were not able to make any choices at all changed my outlook. I’ve realized that I want to be happy in this life. I may not know what happiness means to me yet, but from here on out, I am making choices toward the happiness that I choose and not the happiness that others think I should have. I’ve decided that when my term of service comes to an end, I will return to school to study computer science. For the first time in a long time I know that everything will work out. I would not have this clarity without being a part of the ESC, and for that I am grateful. And to whomever may be reading this I ask: What does happiness mean to you?

Jordan, Open Door Mission in Houston.

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