Here to change the world…

I am a daydreamer, and my dreams are big. I want to inspire someone to become the best version of themselves, I want to give a TED talk, I want to be a leader, I want to travel to places that scare and amaze me , I want to make a difference someone’s life, I want to change the world.

A few short years ago I thought I knew what I was going to do with my life. I thought I felt at peace. But, as my senior year of college crept closer and eventually came, that peace was no longer there as dread began to take its place. I might not accomplish my dreams. So I applied to the Episcopal Service Corps, because I thought this would be an unforeseen stepping stone towards those dreams. And, maybe check a few dreams off in the year of service. 

The application and interview process did not go as I wanted, I once again thought that my changed plans were going to take me off my path to my dreams. I felt unprepared and nervous. How was working at an early education non-profit in Texas going to get me where I wanted to go. This was not placement I had wanted. This is not in my skillset. 

My first day at my placement site I was so nervous. I couldn’t hear a thing my boss was telling me as she was showing me around. But, I did notice that at my cubicle was a piece of paper taped up that read “Kaitlyn McCurdy ….hear to change the world.” Those words that day and every day after have grounded me. I might not always feel like my everyday is doing something to change the world, but I get to watch and learn from the process that is ongoing to do so.

Everyday I get the opportunity to drive by an elementary school on my way to work. Everyday I watch these kids wearing oversized backpacks and mischievous grins cross the road to go to school. They don’t know anything about “word gaps”, quality care, or reading scores. But, I now do, and I get the opportunity to assist those working for these kids at the crosswalk. That they may get a quality education and learn to read, and then pass those skills onto their own kids. I get to do my part, however small, to change the world for these kids. 

My time here has already taught me to plan on changing the world, but don’t have a set plan to do so, because you may find you already are.

-Kaitlyn, Early Matters in Houston

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